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Used by the fastest iPhone texters in the world to practice and measure speed.

Set, Play, Share!


Select from game options for sound, game duration, or slang.


Type the highlighted word as quickly as possible and press space or enter to move onto the next word.


Share your results on Facebook & Twitter to show the world your super typing speed!

iTextSpeed helps you improve your texting speed, and lets you share your results with friends.

iTextSpeed can be played in 15, 30, 60, and 120 second games.

You can also choose to enable slang which includes words like "cool", "yo", and "lol".

iTextSpeed lets you share your results with your friends via Facebook, and Twitter.

iTextSpeed History records your results, including your best and average results for each combination of time and slang or non-slang games. You can clear your History at any time.

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